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Choice FM 93.3

The station management currently comprises five members – the CEO, General Manager, the Station manager, Program manager and the admin/finance manager.  In the event of a disagreement, the management team will attempt to resolve the matter cordially. If the agreement of all five is not possible, decisions will be taken by majority vote.

All volunteer appointments must be agreed by all five members of the management team, who also have the right to discipline those who fail to abide by the station’s rules. Disciplinary action usually involves suspension for a period of one or two weeks depending on the seriousness of the offence. After suspension a volunteer may be readmitted to Choice FM if he/she writes a letter of apology. However, any volunteer who incurs three suspensions will not be allowed back.

The management team agrees that all programs and news bulletins prepared by staff and volunteers of Choice FM should reflect the internationally accepted standards of journalism, being accurate, balanced, fair and impartial. Staff and volunteers are instructed to obey the guidelines set out by the Independent Media Commission. Any errors made during broadcast will be corrected at the earliest opportunity.

The management team maintains editorial control of donor funded or sponsored programs broadcast by Choice FM. Paid-for programs involving politicians should be moderated by a journalist from Choice FM.


 Staff are expected to listen to pre-prepared sponsored programs before broadcast to check that they comply with the editorial standards of the radio station.

With regard to advertising, the management team agrees to be bound by the guidelines issued by the Independent Media Commission.

The management team highly values Choice FM’s independent status and will not allow the station’s output to be dominated through patronage by any political party, organization, business or individual.

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